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Security Testing

Security is one of the most essential factors that drive an application’s reliability. When an application’s security is compromised, the credibility of the application is often lost - causing users to become hesitant about using the application again.

Now a days, malicious attacks on the internet are becoming quite common. Because of this, every application faces a threat factor. An application may encounter a user whose intention is beyond the scope of purpose and design of the application.

With web applications being one of the most influencing factors for business and business volume, relaxing on web application security is not a desirable option. For every malicious user, there should be a target asset. In most web applications, the data contained in the application will be the valuable asset. When the security of the system is compromised, the data contained in the system faces a threat.

Innolance’s security testing helps enterprises to manage and prevent security issues that can often arise in web applications. The combination of manual and automated methods of security testing ensures that the most valuable assets in the application stay intact.

Effective security analysis is acquired through the following phases:

Threat Modeling

This phase includes understanding the application, working, assets, and environment. This phase gives the analyst an idea of what threats the application may be exposed to.

Penetration Testing

This phase involves hacking of the application in a “controlled environment” and “defined scope”. In this phase, the analyst takes the role of a real-world hacker and approaches the application with the attitude and mentality of a hacker. In this situation, the analyst attempts to extract all data that a hacker may try to extract out of the application. The controlled environment and scope ensure that the real application is not affected and only a replica of the real data is allowed to exposure.

Source Code Review

Application code review is the process of manually analyzing the source code of the application and finding the code that may cause application vulnerabilities. The best place to incept security is the architecture. Code review includes processes such as static analysis, which is supported by several professional code review tools like Sonar, Yasca and Findbugs.

The security team at Innolance follows the best in industry practices. Methodologies from international standards like OWASP are followed for analysis. Innolance’s security team consists of the best ethical hackers and open source contributors who are involved in regular research and development of the security industry.